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Rehearsal Technical Requirements


The Rehearsal web application works natively in modern desktop web browsers that support HTML 5 Media Stream encoding and local indexed database storage. It's also available for mobile device browsers using HTML 5 Media Capture. Additionally, users can access Rehearsal with our native iOS and Android apps, downloaded from the iOS and Google Play stores, respectively.

Desktop Browser HTML 5 Method

Captured video is stored and compressed locally on the device. It is then transmitted to our servers via a standard HTTPS connection in the open WebM media format, which uses VP8 and VP9 encoding. Currently, this method is employed when Rehearsal is accessed with recent versions of Chromium-based web browsers.

Mobile Devices

When Rehearsal is accessed from a browser on a mobile operating system (iOS and Android for example), it invokes native operating system capture device and file browser functions. Media is encoded using the format native to each platform, then uploaded via HTTPS when recording is complete. For example, the native iOS app compresses and encodes media in MPEG 4 Video (m4v) format and transmits via HTTPS upon completion.

Application Requirements


Operating Systems:

Windows 7 +
OS X 10.9 +

Compatible Browsers: Edge (v. 95.0 +)
Chrome (v. 70 +)
Firefox (v. 67 +)

Hardware Peripherals: Webcam (Internal or External)
Speakers or Headphones

Network Requirements:

Internet Speed: DSL (or better), 4G (or better)

Required Protocols:

HTTPS over port 443 outbound to:

Note: If wildcard values are not permitted, the following subdomains may be used instead.

<site name>

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