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Restoring Archived Users in CourseMill

When users should no longer have access to the system, we recommend that you Archive them to save space. Archived users do not count against your total number of users in CourseMill. The advantage to archiving rather than deleting is twofold: You can still pull transcripts and completions for archived users, and you can restore archived users.

Below are instructions for restoring an archived user in CourseMill. Some of these steps will require Global Admin privileges to complete. 

Recovering Student Info

First, you need to identify the student’s user ID, first name, last name, and org. You  may already have this data. If so, skip to the next section. If you do not have this data, you can look students up in your archive.

  1. Go to Reports > General and locate the report titled “List of Archived Students”
  2. Launch report and find the names, IDs, and OrgIDs of the student(s) you wish to restore. You may need to export and use CTRL + F in Excel to locate the user if the list is long.

If you cannot access General reports, you may not have Global Admin rights. You will need to ask your system administrator for assistance.

Create An Import Spreadsheet

Next, you need to create an import list of one or more students. This import list must be in a very specific format and the data in this spreadsheet must match the student data in the archive, or the restore task will not be able to identify the correct record and will fail.

Set up a spreadsheet with the following parameters. The column headers must be exactly as shown below (without extra spaces). 

  1. Row 1 on your spreadsheet will hold column headers. Each column will contain a piece of data CourseMill will use to identify the correct record to restore. The columns must be in this order:
    1. Column A will be called OrgID 
    2. Column B will be called StudentID
    3. Column C will be called LastName
    4. Column D will be called FirstName
  2. Fill in the appropriate student information as listed in the List of Archived Students report on row 2 and below.
  3. Save this as .txt (tab delimited) in a location where you will remember. You will browse for this file in the next section.

Restoring the User(s)

Finally, you will use the Batch User Data tool to recover this archived student.

  1. In CourseMill, go to Manage Users
  2. Click the Batch User Data button
  3. In the Batch User Data menu make the following selections:
    1. Org ID dropdown should match the import record OrgID
    2. Batch Operation dropdown selection will be Bulk Restore Users
    3. Process Data dropdown selection selection will be Error Check Data
    4. Select Choose File and browse for your txt file created in the previous section.
  4. Click Process Data to error check. 
    1. If error check results match your expectations, you are ready to process data. Change selections in the Process Data dropdown to Process Data and browse for your file again.
    2. If the error check reveals problems with your import, re-check your import file for errors in column headers, inconsistent Org ID, etc. and repeat Step 3
  5. Once error check has cleared, click Process Data to complete user restoration.
  6. Verify that this user now appears on your user list.

    This article last reviewed Jan, 2019. The software may have changed since the last review.