Release Notes

ReviewLink Release Notes

ReviewLink 3.7 Release Notes

Applied on:  February 6, 2021
Supported Browsers:  Internet Explorer 11 or newer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
Updates in this release:

RL-938 Portuguese markup links are not encoded properly.
RL-369 Editing Groups popup does not have a scrollbar
RL-874 French language does not let Reviewer "OK" comments
RL-1039 An apostrophe in the title will prevent a course from being launched for review.
RL-1083 Single quotes in the Title name prevent launching
RL-1088 Content to Review will not launch if user name has an apostrophe
RL-1096 Update the ReviewLink landing page using a new login page
RL-827 Reassign Publisher capability
RL-1074 IE 11 Draw tool window closes unexpectedly
RL-1078 Draw tool exit
RL-1079 Mobile views
RL-1080 Launching a course shows a blank screen
RL-1081 Add Group functionality
RL-1082 Comment exports from My Comments tab

ReviewLink 3.6 Release Notes

Applied on:  June 23, 2020
Updates in this Release

Updated with eLearning Brothers branding.
Now included in eLearning Brothers authoring suites and as such offers unlimited projects!

ReviewLink 3.5.1 Release Notes

Applied on:  November 18, 2017
Updates in this release:

RL-867 The "Submit Response" button not functioning has been addressed, when trying to save comments on IOS mobile devices.

ReviewLink 3.5 Release Notes

Applied on:  November 10, 2017
New Features:

Device preview toolbar: Choose among the device icons to automatically toggle responsive content to Phone Portrait or Landscape, Tablet Portrait or Landscape, or Desktop view. You can also specify a custom view and the content window will resize accordingly.
Filter comments by device view: When comments are provided, the device view is saved and can be used to filter the list of comments. For example, you can select to view only comments posted for desktop views. Comments can also be filtered by a custom view.

Updates in this release:

RL-847 Comment Location displays “(deleted)” text for Storyline content
RL-843 Text is not wrapping correctly on Comments and Launch Content buttons on the "My Published Content" page
RL-781 Long AU Names Push the Launch Buttons off the Right-Side of the Menu in the Launch Content Dialog