Storyline Course Starters

Scenario Interactions: Storyline Course Starter

***All template files are tested using modern browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox. We do not support or test using Internet Explorer.***


With rare exception, our scenarios will be set up the same way in Storyline.

Typically, there will be an introductory screen, then multiple layers on the same slide.

These will include a selection and feedback layers, specific to the selection on the previous layer (i.e., for 3 choices, there will be 3 feedback layers).

To edit content, simply select a text element and type over

To replace images, simply right-click and choose Replace Picture.

You can also use the object placeholders on the slide/feedback masters to re-insert images.

On the main layer, xAPI triggers are tied to two objects: the xAPI_Initialize shape, and the Begin Button.

Use the xAPI_Intialize shape to set the activity ID (baseURL), and unique identifier for this slide (objetcID).

You can also edit the xAPI (general) description here.

These values persist throughout the interaction

Use the Begin button to edit the verb, etc. values for the “Started” statement

Statements for which button a learner pressed are on the Correct and Incorrect layers. Select and overwrite values to customize the verb ID and Display value, and the object ID and display values there.