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Setting Auto-Recurring Enrollments

Setting up auto-recurring enrollments for courses. Editing recurring enrollment details. Deleting recurring enrolment settings. View history of completion.

January 10, 2022


What are Auto-Recurring Enrollments

Courses with auto-recurring enrollments will automatically re-enroll users in the course after a set amount of time. Administrators can set auto-recurring enrollments for individual users, multiple users, or enterprises and offices. This feature is often used for courses like compliance training that need to be taken annually, semiannually, or monthly.

Setting up Auto-Recurring Enrollments 

Step 1: Open Course Editor

Navigate to the “Content” tab of the Admin portal. Select “Open” on a course and open the course editor by selecting “Edit”. 




Step 2: Set Recurring Enrollment

Toggle “Yes” under the “Make This a Recurring Enrollment” section and add the desired number of days in the box. The course enrollment will recur the set number of days after the initial enrollment period has started. 

For example, if a user was enrolled in a course on August 1st and the course is set to automatically renew every 90 days, then the enrollment for that user will renew on October 29th, January 27th, and so on. These autorenewals will continue indefinitely until they are disabled by an administrator.   

Note: Recurring enrollments can be set to a maximum of 999 days. 




Step 3: Confirm Recurring Enrollment

Select “Update Course” and then select “Publish” to finalize your changes. 

Related: Administrators can add due dates to recurring enrollments by setting relative due dates rather than specific due dates. For more information on adding relative due dates, go to How to Set Enrollment Due Dates and Due Date Notifications for Courses and Modules




Check Recurring Enrollment Status in Enrollments

Navigate to the “Enrollments” tab of the admin portal. Any courses with recurring enrollments set will have a circular arrow on their card. Hover over this symbol to see how often the enrollment is scheduled to recur. 




View Completion History for Auto-Recurring Enrollments

Navigate to the “Reports” tab of the Admin portal and select “By Due Date” under “Enrollment”. Each line represents a specific user’s data for a specific course. Select a row to view details for all enrollment periods that the user has had for that course. 


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