Managing Users, Groups, and Scenarios
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Sharing Scenarios in CenarioVR

Two authors can have access to work on the same scenario by sharing it.

Under My Scenarios navigate to the scenario you would like to share and from the three dot menu select Scenario Settings

Next select the blue share button. 

In the share with authors dialog box you will find a list of all the authors in your organization. 

Find the author you would like to share the scenario with and select them

You can also share scenarios from the scenario settings and publishes menu inside a particular scenario following the same steps. 

To find your shared scenarios navigate to the shared scenarios tab. 

Two authors can collaborate on a single scenario however only one author can work on the scenario at a time. 

You will get a notification that the scenario is locked if another author is working on it at that time. 

This article last reviewed March 2021. The software may have changed since the last review.