Storyline xAPI Timeline Slider

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Have you watched the xAPI Overview/Setup video for Storyline yet?
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The Timeline Slider template uses our custom xAPI statement to send a statement to your LRS whenever a content box swicthes to its ACTIVE state.
This will occur whether a learner is seeing that content for the first time, or on review.
If you'd like to trigger it to only fire on the first view, you'll need to set up some triggers and customize the template a little bit.

In either case, the statement will look something like this - user "reviewed timeline slider point #".

Those statements also list their parent as the slide the learner is currently vieweing, and the group as the activity ID for the whole course.
For more information on that, check out the deep dive on context by (

To use our statements, make sure DISABLE_xAPI is set to FALSE.
Then, enter the details for your slide.
Make sure to check out our xAPI overview video for more details on these details.

Once you edit those values, your file is set up and ready to go.

From here, you'll need to publish and launch your files to see statements.
Check out our "publishing to xAPI" video for more info.

This article last reviewed Nov, 2018. The software may have changed since the last review.