Modular Development (ModDev)

Style Pages With a Style Pack

What is a Style Pack?

Style Packs include styled background objects that are set up to coordinate with your Lectora theme, similar to slide masters in other tools.

Each Style Pack will have layouts that correspond to the various page layouts found in Course Frameworks, Page layouts, and Wireframe Interactions. 

Like all ModDev components, Style Packs are fully editable. 

How do I apply a Style Pack?

Apply the Style Pack to the Project

Applying a style pack is easy. Here’s how it works:

  1. Navigate to the Design Ribbon and select the Style Packs icon. 
  2. In the Media Library on the right, locate the style pack that corresponds to your theme. 
  3. Select it and click Ok.

This will add the Style Pack objects at the Project Level at the top of the Project Explorer.

Apply the Style Pack to the Pages

If you select the first page of your project, you will notice that although all of the Style Pack objects are visible at the project level, none of them appear on this page, or any of the following pages. 

To make them easier (and more fun) to work with, Style Pack elements defy the normal rules of Lectora inheritance. Even though they live at the Project level, Style Pack elements are not automatically added to every page. They also have their own menu that bypasses the Inherit function.  (See our Video on Lectora Inheritance for more information).

To apply a Style Pack element:

  1. Select a Page in the Project Explorer.
  2.  Navigate to the Page Properties Ribbon and select the Apply a Style dropdown.

Tip: Framework pages and wireframes include a tag to suggest a corresponding style pack layout. Match these tags to the layouts in the Apply a Style drop down—or break a few rules and experiment using styles in unexpected ways. Note that additional pages you add to the framework may not include this tag.

Note: Style Pack layout elements were built in Lectora, and can be re-styled like any other Lectora objects. Any custom styling applied to a style pack element will inherit to any other page in your project that uses that same layout. 

Once you have assigned the Style Pack layouts to your pages, if you decide to switch to a different Style Pack you can simply switch out the Style Pack as a whole. Your pages will remain mapped to the appropriate Style Pack layout.

What is a Style Pack Add-On?

Style Pack Add Ons let you take the cohesive visual look you created with your Style Pack and Theme to the next level. In each Style Pack AddOn you will find the fonts associated with your selected style, along with the color palettes for each Theme and Style Pack (excluding grayscale), and a coordinating Icon set.

To find these add ons:

  1. Navigate to the Tools Ribbon and select the Template Library Icon
  2. Scroll down on the eLearning Brothers Template Library Page till you find the Style Pack Add Ons Section On the Template Library page, scroll down until you find the Style Pack Add Ons section.
  3. Select the desired elements, or select Click View More to see the full selection available. Download any elements you wish to use. 


This article last reviewed May 2021. The software may have changed since the last review.