Styles Overview 2

***All template files are tested using modern browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox. We do not support or test using Internet Explorer.***

Hi everybody. Today, I’m going to walk you through 4 reasons you should be using eLearning Brothers styles in your next project. Let’s get started with probably the most important of all, Ease of use.

1) Ease of Use

Most of these are extremely customizable with very little editing to the actual file necessary. Take our 4-Tab interaction, for instance, you can make that a 2-tab with a quick edit to a variable at the top of the slide triggers pane. On those templates where restyling is more manual, files are built cleanly, using each tool's built-in features where possible, to make it quick, clean, and easy.

Next up...

2) Production efficiency

We recently ran a test where we created a new Storyline course from scratch using only pre-existing content and the Jet Black style of our templates in under an hour. It's very, very possible —even easy—to build an entire module using only the templates included in a style. Between the chock-full layout file and quiz, and the remaining 30+ interactions, there's plenty to choose from to make your job easier and production time quicker.

3) xAPI

Most everyone in the industry seems quite excited about xAPI. It's a spectacular option for gaining some real insights into our learners actions, not to mention for taking our learning outside the traditional environments. Getting excited is easy. Getting started is another story. That's why we've included some starter xAPI statements in all of our styles. We've provided a good framework and basic statement in several points that you can extend, change, or remove as you see fit. Don't want to use the xAPI features or just need to turn off that pesky javascript for testing? Set the DISABLE_xAPI variable to "True" at the top of any template and you're good to go.

Finally, our last reason you should be using ELB’s style files for your next project is pretty simple...

4) Awesomeness

These things look great. And, there's a pretty wide variety to choose from in our library...with more always on the horizon. Often—especially in a production environment with limited budget, time, personnel....or all three—design ends up taking a back seat to the important stuff: the content. But, learners are increasingly design-sophistcated, and demand media that looks great in addition to having great content. Even in environments with all the resources in the world, a fresh take on a design or even just a solid starting point can be hugely influential in the final outcome of a course. Our styles help make sure that, no matter your situation, you can get started developing your courses easily, quickly, and look AWESOME doing so.