Submitting Scenario Responses - Screen Recording

Learn how to respond to a Screen Recording Scenario.

June 1, 2022

  • Install Recorder
  • Screen Recorder Controls
  • Recording and Uploading
  • Frequently Asked Questions


  • Under the Assignments tab, you will see Assignments listed in order of soonest due date at the top. Locate the Assignment that you want to work on, then the specific Scenario you would like to respond to. Click once on the Scenario to view. You will see an indicator that this is a Screen Recording next to the Scenario Video. 

  • In the Scenario, review the video. You can play the video by clicking on the video, or the play button in the lower lefthand corner.

  • Review any text instructions, attachments, and the criteria.


  • Once you are ready to respond, click on Record Screen. If you have a response you already recorded that you would like to upload, click on Upload and follow the prompts.


Install Screen Recorder (First Time Only)

  • If this is your first screen recording, the platform will first perform a check of your system for the recorder.  

  • If the recorder is not present, you'll be asked to Download the Recorder

  • You will need to Leave the site to complete the download. 


  • Once the screen recorder file is downloaded click the file to install. If prompted, select Open and Run

  • An installation pop-up window will open. After the installation is complete, you will see a message indicating that the screen recorder is ready. Click OK.

  • Once the install has been completed you can now click the Launch Recorder button.


  •  The next time you launch a screen recording scenario, the system will find the program and the Screen Recorder will automatically be activated. 

  • Depending on your web browser you may be asked to Open the Screen Recorder Link. Check the Remember my choice checkbox then click the Open Screen Recorder Launcher button.

Screen Recorder Controls


Once the Screen recorder launches you will see the recording controls on the screen.  You have options to record your Screen Only, Webcam Only or Both.  We will go over those options below.  To minimize this box click on the "X" in the upper right-hand corner. 

  • Screen   You have the option to only share your screen.  You can change the size of the recording window from a small window to Fullscreen. Most common setting will be for Fullscreen. Once you select Fullscreen the recording outline black and white striped box) will disappear and the controls will move to the corners of your screen.
    • Size - To change the Size, click on the arrow to see your options 480, 720, Active Window, Full Screen or you can pick the 720 setting and drag the corners of the window to customize the size.  Once you pick a setting you will see your settings on-screen.  

  • Both   The most common setting will be to record Both. Once you select the Both option you will see your webcam in the lower right-hand corner.  The both setting allows you to share your screen and record your webcam (your webcam image will be transparent).

  • Webcam   If you want to change your Webcam you can click on the buttons on the bottom of the Webcam box.  Your selection will be highlighted blue. 

  • The fullscreen option (big blue square) will block your presentation and is not recommended. Our recommendation is to select the option where your webcam will display in the lower right-hand corner transparently (see above).

  • Narration   Make sure the Narration meter is picking up your microphone. You will see green bars as you talk. If it is not picking up any sound then click the arrow to select your microphone.

  • Computer Audio  Computer Audio is not needed so you will see a red X next to this setting. 

  • Prior to starting your screen recording make sure you have your screen setup with what you are going to show. Note: DO NOT close the web browser that has the Rehearsal website, you can minimize the window if necessary. Also, make sure your microphone is working by checking for the green bars in the Narration section of the controls. 

Recording & Uploading

Now you're ready to record your screen.  Following the steps below.  

  • Click the Rec button when you are ready.
  • You will immediately see a Count Down on the screen 3…2….1

  • Once you have completed your recording hit the Pause button
  • To review your recording click the Replay button.  The recording will replay on the screen.
  • To redo your recording click the Delete icon  
  • Then select what you'd like to do (Yes, Start Over). 

  • If you are happy with your recording you can submit by clicking the Done button 
  • You will have one last option to review your recording. To submit click the Upload button.  You can also Redo your video if you're not happy. 

  • The upload process will begin and pop up Upload to Rehearsal progress window will be displayed. Depending on the length of your recording, this process can take some time.  DO NOT close the window or stop the process.

  • Once the upload is done you see Upload Successful!! message in the window. Click Done.

  • You're now back on the Scenario. Ensure your recording is visible (note you'll now see your presentation and a solid webcam video).  You can now Add a note, Save Changes, and you're done! 

Frequently Asked Question

Here are some common questions asked about the Rehearsal screen recording feature.

What types of things can I show using screen capture?

PowerPoint presentations, websites, software solutions, internal systems, and anything you can display on your screen.

Can I capture both my screen and the webcam at the same time?

Yes – You have options to record your screen only, webcam only or both at the same time.

Am I able to pause and restart recording where I left off?

Yes – If you pause the recording and then hit the Rec button again you will continue to record from where you paused.

Why is the video for my webcam transparent during recording?

The webcam is only transparent during recording, this is so you can see the screen area behind the camera. Once the video is submitted you will see the video in full color.

When I hit the Record button my webcam video disappears why?

Sometimes the video card on your machine might have an issue showing the webcam stream as it records. Not to worry though as it is actually recording the video behind the scenes. Once you hit done you will see the video in the final format.

After I record and upload my video and go back to the Rehearsal site I don’t see my response uploaded to the system.

This is most likely because you have closed the web browser that had the Rehearsal website in it. Instead of closing the website just minimize the web browser.