Upload HTML 5 Games to Moodle

Here are the steps to take our HTML 5 games, place them into a SCORM wrapper, and then upload them to Moodle. The video below shows you how to prepare the files for upload into Moodle. The steps to upload into Moodle are below the video.

  • Note for Library subscribers: If you are a library subscriber then download the HTML SCORM wrapper first.
  • Note for Interaction Builder subscribers: Contact us to get the SCORM wrapper. (use the chat window or our contact form.) Also, when you download the game zip from the Builder you'll notice an index.html file. Do NOT copy that to the SCORM wrapper files.

 Steps to upload HTML 5 games into Moodle: (this will connect to your grade book)

  1. Do the steps in the video above and prepare your scorm zip file.
  2. In Moodle go to your topic and click the "Add Activity" drop-down
  3. Select SCORM/AICC
  4. Complete the course details like Name and Description.
  5. Go to the "Package File" field and choose to upload a file.
  6. Browse and select the zip that you created.
  7. You'll then see a list of uploaded zips. Select Choose off the right of the zip that you want to use.
  8. Put course width at 100% and height at 650. (Those settings seem to work nicely.)
  9. Click Save and Display and check out your game.