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Uploading and Editing a Rehearsal Module

Rehearsal is a video-based practice and coaching platform. Rehearsal allows learners to dramatically improve their sales demos, product messaging, and soft skills by repeatedly responding to work-place scenarios. Then learners can be given feedback on their responses by peers, mentors, or by artificial intelligence.

If Rehearsal was included in your Rockstar Learning Platform subscription, you will receive your Rehearsal login credentials during the onboarding process. Your customer success specialist will make the connection between your Rockstar Learning Platform platform and your Rehearsal platform.

In order to integrate with Rehearsal you will need to first create your content in the Rehearsal platform. For an introduction to creating and deploying content, there is a 15-minute video that covers the most important information. To access that, take the following steps:

  • Login to Rehearsal
  • Click on the Help! button in the upper right-hand corner near the Logout button
  • Click on Knowledge Center
  • Click on Program Manager
  • Click on Creating an Assignment – Start to Finish (Video & User Guide)

After you create your scenerios you will need to create and copy a deeplink that will be used to create your Rehearsal module in the Rockstar Learning Platform.

Navigate to Rehearsal to complete the following steps

Deeplinking allows Rehearsal content to be accessed directly by Learners from anywhere within the Rockstar Learning Platform.There are two types of deeplinks; Direct Links and Auto-Assignment Links (sometimes labeled “Auto-Assign Link” within Rehearsal), both covered below.

Direct Links take Learners to a specific Rehearsal Scenario within an Assignment for which they’ve already been assigned as a Learner.

In order to use a Direct Link, Learners MUST be selected as a Learner during the creation of the Assignment.

After publishing an Assignment, generate a Direct Link for a specific Scenario within the Assignment Editor by clicking on the “Direct Link” icon, to the right of a Scenario’s image and description, and copying the Learner Link.

An Auto-Assignment Link (or “Auto-Assign Link” in the Assignment Editor) will take any user to an Assignment and enroll them as a Learner.

There are two types of auto-assignment links:

  • The Assignment auto-assign URL will enroll a user as a Learner to the Assignment and take the user to the Assignments page where they can view all Assignments for which they’re enrolled, both active and ended.
  • A named Scenario link will enroll a user as a Learner to the Assignment and take the user directly to the named Scenario (full site navigation is still available for the Learner).

Within the Assignment Editor, at the Participants section, click “Add Cohort.” You may rename the cohort by simply clicking on the Cohort name in the upper left corner.

Next, click on Assign Mentors to configure your Mentor relationship. Auto-Assignment Link requires either individually selected Mentors, User-Specific Mentors, Program Specific Mentors, or any combination of the three.

After configuring Mentors, click on the Auto-Assign Links text in the upper right corner of the Cohort.

A modal window will appear stating, "The '[Cohort Title]' cohort does not have an auto-assignment link." Click "Activate Links." This will cause the modal window to change. You will now be able to copy the Assignment Auto-Assign URL and all Scenario links.

Auto-assignment links can be deactivated by clicking "Deactivate Links" from the modal window.

NOTE: All users that will be accessing Rehearsal through the Rockstar Learning Platform need to be added to Rehearsal as a user beforehand. You can either do this manually or via a batch upload sheet. If you would like to user the batch upload sheet, please contact Rehearsal support.

Navigate back to your Rockstar Learning Platform to complete the next steps

Now that you have copied your deeplink, you will need to add this as a module to the Rockstar Learning Platform by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Navigate to the content tab in the admin of your platform.
  2. On the right hand side of the page click the red "Add New" button and choose the "Rehearsal" option from the drop down list. 
  3. Type in your title and then paste the deeplink into the "Rehearsal Link" field. Fill out the rest of the fields as necessary making sure to add your Learner group. Click the "Add New Module" button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Add your new module to your course by dragging in into a course folder on the left hand side of the page. Click the red "Publish" button at the top of the page to save your changes.
  5. Navigate to the user dashboard to view your new Rehearsal module.


Reporting in the Rockstar Learning Platform will display Rehearsal modules as complete or incomplete. Please navigate back to the Rehearsal platform to view more in depth reporting data.