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How do Users RSVP or Cancel Their RSVP for an Event Module?

Users RSVP for event modules. Users cancel their RSVP for event modules.

January 10, 2022


User RSVP for Events

RSVP for Events

Users can RSVP for an event from the event’s module page. To access the event’s module page, locate the event from your user dashboard (featured, enrolled, events, channels, etc.) and select the event. Select the “RSVP” button to RSVP for the event. A notification will pop up saying you have successfully enrolled in the event, and your “Status” will change to “RSVP’d”. 

Note: If an admin enrolls the user into an Event module, the user will automatically be RSVP'd to the event as long as the maximum number of registrants has not been reached. However, users will not be automatically RSVP'd if the user is enrolled in a course with an event module. 

Note: The RSVP button will be disabled if the event is full. 


Selecting the RSVP button on the events module page


RSVP Status

Users who have RSVP’d will see their RSVP’d status on the individual module page and on the module card in the course hierarchy. 


The users RSVP status is underneith the RSVP_Cancel RSVP button and above the attachments section


Seats Remaining

Users can see the number of seats remaining for the event next to the “RSVP” button (or “Cancel RSVP” button) and on the module card in the course hierarchy. This number will automatically update when the user is RSVP'd or has their RSVP canceled.  


Number of seats remaining for the event are at the bottom of the module page


Confirmation Email

Users will receive an email with the event details included and the ability to add this event to their calendar (Google, iCal, Outlook,


RSVP confirmation email includes the title of the module, the module thumbnail image, the module description and presenters, instructions, and a way to add the event to external calendars