Utilizing Generative AI Features in Lectora Online

This article covers the use of generative AI in Lectora Online, including text processing, policy adherence, potential biases, AI integration options, notifications, and organizational controls.

Lectora Desktop does not include any AI technologies.

Lectora Online incorporates optional generative AI technology provided by ELB Learning and its sub-processor, OpenAI. These AI features offer powerful tools to enhance your course creation process but come with specific considerations and limitations  Your use of AI features is optional. 

  1. Processing of Text:

    • All text entered as course topic prompts is processed by OpenAI's AI models.
    • OpenAI does not use this text to train its models.
    • Avoid using sensitive, confidential, or proprietary information with AI features unless expressly approved by your company.
  2. Potential Inaccuracies and Biases:

    • Generative AI can produce content that may be inaccurate, biased, or contextually inappropriate.
    • Users should verify and critically evaluate AI-generated outputs.
  3. Adherence to Policies:

    • Follow your company's policies and the guidelines set by ELB Learning and OpenAI when using AI features.
  4. Employment and Decision-Making Discretion:

    • Do not use AI features for automated or high-risk decisions, including employment-related decisions.
  5. Verification and Accuracy:

    • Always verify the accuracy and relevance of AI-generated content.
    • Due diligence is necessary to ensure the reliability of the AI outputs.

For further details on subprocessors, please visit ELB Learning Subprocessors.

AI Integration in Lectora Online:

Lectora Online provides a prompt entry field where authors can describe the subject and type of content they wish to generate. To refine the generated content, authors must submit a new prompt, as previous prompts are not saved. All interactions with OpenAI are facilitated by Lectora Online, ensuring that no client PII is used in the process.

  • AI Wizard Tool:

    • Creates a project with one or more pages based on author prompts.
    • Includes Author and Learner Notifications on the first page (fully editable).
  • AI Insert Page:

    • Inserts AI-generated content as a single page within a project.
    • Includes a Learner notification text block (fully editable).
  • Organizational Controls:
    • Organizations can disable access to AI tools.
    • They can also override default AI user notifications.


  • Learner Notification:

    • States that the course was generated using AI and reviewed by the author.
      "The author generated this course, in part, using AI. Upon generating a draft, the author reviewed, edited, and revised the course and takes ultimate responsibility for the content of this publication."
  • Author Notification:

    • Informs that generative AI features were used and provides guidelines for modifying the notice.
      "Because generative AI features were used in the generation of this content, the following notice will appear on the training materials by default; you may modify the notice, provided that you comply with your company and OpenAI policies."