Release Notes


Manage User Profiles via Public API

1. New Public API functionality to manage user profiles:
    •  Create a new user profile

    •  Update an existing user profile

    •  Retrieve a paginated list of user profiles

    •  Retrieve a single user profile

2. Create and update functionality includes:

    •  Enabling or disabling a user profile (disabled users cannot login)

    •  Setting user roles (admin and program manager are supported)

    •  username changes (only if SSO is enabled)

    •  Setting the SSOID
        ○  Used by SSO (SAML 2.0) implementations. This maps to the <saml:NameID> element of
             the <saml:Subject> assertion. See section 4.1 of
     for more information.

        ○  Other supported fields: firstName, lastName, title, country, region, territory, department,