Trouble Shooting

Workday LMS and Lectora AICC Published content

How to resolve when description files need to be located in the root folder.

Applies to: Lectora prior to version 21.4 and Lectora Online

The steps to build this content are fairly simple.
  1. Publish to AICC as usual, but on the Publish Dialog, HTML Options tab, uncheck 'Create a zip file' option.
  2. Continue publishing, then go to the published folder (can click Browse on the Done publishing screen). This will put you in the published folder, typically C:\Users\YourName\Documents\My Projects\ProjectName\aicc\html  Image below.
  3. Open the subfolder \crs
  4. Copy the 4 files found here to the \html folder above.  Do not move, use copy.
  5. In the \HTML folder, open the .au file in a text editor
  6. Locate the following reference that begins with '..\', usually on line 2 of the file.  "..\a001index.html".  This needs to be edited to remove the '..\' preceding the filename.  The ..\ tells the software to look for the file in the folder above the current folder, which will cause a failure now that the file exists in the 'above' folder (\html).  Image below.
  7. Last, create a .zip file to deliver to the LMS.  Select all files in the folder, click the right mouse button, and select Send to Compressed file.  Note the .zip file will be located in the \html folder.