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Working with CSV question files

Comma-separated value (CSV) files are delimited text files containing questions that have been exported from spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel® and Google Sheets®. These files are useful for SME’s or other parties to create questions and tests, without requiring access to the application. It’s also a handy way to store your test information in a text format for review by auditors and stakeholders.

To watch the CSV process please see the video clip below. The same directions apply to both Lectora and Lectora Online.

You can import and export the following question types within CSV files:

question types

For each question, you enter the question text, the text for the answer choices, and any custom feedback text. Of course, you must also indicate which choice(s) is the correct answer. You can also enter optional information for each question, just as you would using the Question Creator. This includes:

  • Whether to grade each choice of the question individually
  • Specifying the point value for the question
  • Defining the text character limit and case sensitivity for Fill in the Blank questions
  • Identifying how many attempts the learner may have
  • The ability to randomize (shuffle) the answer choices on the page.

A sample CSV file is available to download here.

To import a CSV file:

1. In the Title Explorer, highlight the page after which you want to insert the questions from the CSV file.

2. From the Test & Survey ribbon, click Import CSV.

CSV Button

The Import CSV Question File window opens.

3, Click the Browse (folder) button to navigate and select the CSV file to import.

Note: CSV files created in the old (pre-Lectora 17) format may also be imported.

Import CSV

4. Modify the other fields as desired, then click OK. The questions are imported, one per page.

You can also export individual questions from within the title, or all of the questions within a test, test section, or survey by clicking the Export to CSV CSV Iconbutton on the object’s Properties ribbon.


For complete details on how to create, import, and export question files, click the Help button on the dialog to open the topic Importing and exporting a CSV question file.

This article last reviewed Sep 2022. The software may have changed since the last review. Please visit our Release Notes to learn more about version updates.