xAPI 4 Button Multiple Choice Lectora

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Today we'll be discussing the xAPI features of our 4-button Multiple Choice Knowledge Check template.

In this file, as with most in a Lectora style, we've defaulted to Lectora's built-in statement options.
When a user makes a selection and presses submit, we run an action group with a single send statement action inside...plus a few other template-things.
The statement looks like this.

Since we track which tab the user selected with a variable for this template, we've used that variable to drive the object ID of the statement.
If you want to change the verb, feel free to grab one from Lectora's dropdown or enter your own.

After edits, you just need to publish your file to xAPI to get statements going to your LRS.

This article last reviewed Dec, 2018. The software may have changed since the last review.