xAPI Debug 1

***All template files are tested using modern browsers, such as Chrome and Firefox. We do not support or test using Internet Explorer.***

Greetings, folks! Today we're going to very briefly cover a key feature of our xAPI-enabled template files: the debugging trigger. At the top of each slide's triggers pane you'll see a trigger that sets a variable called DISABLE_xAPI to TRUE. This trigger is used to allow or prevent the Javascript used in a template to fire. If it's true, no javascript will trigger. If false, javascript will trigger. So, in all templates, turn this value to FLASE if you'd like to send xAPI statements to your LRS. Keep this value at TRUE when you're previewing in order to prevent those pesky Javascript errors from popping up. One special note on this: our Popular Choice game uses a fair amount of Javascript that has nothing to do with xAPI. We've kept conditionals on ALL javascript in this file if you'd like to disable the xAPI, but NOT the remaining javascript you'll need a non-xAPI version of the template from our library or to delete the conditional from each Javascript trigger, except the last in the sequence that fires the xAPI statements.

This article last reviewed Nov, 2018. The software may have changed since the last review.