xAPI Scrolling Text Lectora

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Today we'll be discussing the xAPI features of our Scrolling Text Scenario template.

In this file, as with most in a Lectora style, we've defaulted to Lectora's built-in statement options.
Each button a learner selects in response to the scenario they've just read fire a statement over to your LRS.
Those statements look like this.

To adjust these statements, select a button, scroll down to the send statement action, and open the Action tab in the top ribbon.
From here, you can edit the verb and object through Lectora's interface or add custom values.
In our version, we've left the Object details blank - this will default to the name of the item the user clicked (for instance, "Scrolling Scenario Option 4" which is the name of button 4).
You can also add conditions to specify if the statement fires every time the button is clicked, or only at specific times.

After edits, you just need to publish your file to xAPI to get statements going to your LRS.

This article last reviewed Dec, 2018. The software may have changed since the last review.