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The Studio Account Portal FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about The Studio User Account Portal

Where do I log in to The Studio ?

You can log in at

You can also refer to our The Studio User Guide to help get started with your new account. 

What is The Studio used for?

The Studio was created to act both as a single location to access all of our product websites and to manage subscriptions & users all in one place. Because ELB Learning offers a wide variety of products, such as Lectora Online, Lectora Desktop, Asset Libraries, ReviewLink, CenarioVR, The Training Arcade®, Arcades™, Rehearsal, and the ELB Learning Community.

The Studio is the central site that connects a single login to all areas. A user can launch any product directly from The Studio, and Admins can easily manage their users, which updates all systems simultaneously. 

How do I get set up in The Studio? 

The Studio is only for those who have purchased access to a Studio, or Suite, subscription. If you have either of these subscriptions but are not set up with a login, please check with your Org Admin to see if you need to be added a user to an existing account, or create a support ticket to our Support Team to help find the account associated to your subscription. 

How do I log in to The Studio as a first-time user?

You will need to activate your login in order to get into your account. An activation email is sent to your email inbox which prompts you to create a password for the first time. Activation emails are sent by and the activation link is valid for 72 hours. If you do not activate your login within that time frame, an Org Admin, Account Manager, or a Support Team Member will need to send you a new activation email. 

Org Administrators and Account Managers can re-send activation emails by going to the Users tab in The Studio, and clicking on the green envelope icon next to that user's name. 

Please note that if your login was never activated, you cannot use the Password Reset prompt. 

I am not receiving my Activation Email, why? 

Activation emails come from, please check with your IT Admins to make sure the emails are not getting blocked from that address. Additionally, you can check your Spam or Promotions folders within your emailing system to see if it was sent there instead. If you still do not receive the emails, please submit a Support Ticket here

How do I reset my password? 

If you are logged out of your account, you can go to the main login page at and click on the "Forgot Password?" prompt. Enter in the email address associated with your account and a Password Reset Email will be sent to your inbox to set up a new password. This email comes from "". Please check your inbox/spam/promotions folder within your emailing system for this email.  

If you are already logged into The Studio, you click on the avatar icon in the top-right corner of the site and select Account Settings. There will be the option to change your password in the Password section of the page. Please see our Account Settings video for reference. 

What are the password requirements when setting up?

By default, there is a minimum length of 6 characters that you have to use to set your password, but you can use any letter, number, or special character with no specific requirements.  Org Administrators and Account Managers can set up Password Policies for their users from the Settings tab, such as Minimum Length, Upper And Lower Case Letters,  Numerical Digits, Blacklist Passwords, and Personal Information. 

Who can exist in The Studio Account? Can I have my Manager or Admin get access? 

There are 3 main roles within The Studio that users can be assigned to. Depending on who is using the license seat and who is not, along with how many license seats were purchased, you can utilize these different roles as needed:

Org Administrator - a user who has admin access to manage team members, account settings, and e-commerce. Org Administrators take up a licensed seat.

Account Manager - a user who had admin access to manage team members, account settings, and e-commerce. Account Managers do not take up a licensed seat. 

Author - a user without admin capabilities and takes up a licensed seat. 

How do I use the products associated with my Studio or Suite subscription? 

If you are an Org Administrator or Author, you will be able to log in to The Studio and see your subscription items in the Apps tab. Depending on the type of subscription you have, you will see multiple tiles that will show the products you have available with your subscription type. 

Please refer to our Applications Dashboard video for reference.

I cannot see my subscription items in the Apps tab, why?

Please check to see if you are an Org Administrator or Author in the account, as an Account Manager will not have any Apps listed. You may also need to have an Org Admin or Account Manager check to see if you are holding a licensed seat in the account. They can do this by going to the Users tab, clicking on the pencil icon next to your user info, and checking if the "Subscriptions" box is filled. If it's empty, have them assign the subscription and hit Save. Once done, you can log out, re-login, and the Apps tab will show you the appropriate subscription items. 

I am used to logging in directly to Lectora Online / Asset Library / ReviewLink / CenarioVR / The Training Arcade® / Rehearsal, do I have to use The Studio to log in to those sites from now on? 

No, you can continue to log in directly to those sites, but please keep in mind that once The Studio password is set up, it will overwrite your original password to all places, meaning you will need to use your Portal login information to get into any of these sites. 

If you also need to update your password to any of the sites that are tied to The Studio subscription, you will have to do a password reset on, not the individual site itself.

I've tried to Launch the Asset Library from The Studio, but it keeps telling me I need a Membership in order to download.

If you are receiving this error and have an active subscription, please submit a ticket to our support team to help troubleshoot your account. 

What can / can't I do with the Asset Library resources?

Please refer to our other FAQ page dedicated for the Asset Library. 

I've tried adding a User to my Account, but it keeps giving me the error that "email is already in use". 

This error message means that the person you are trying to add to the account already has another account somewhere else, whether it be from a Free Trial that they may have signed up for, or has an active subscription with a different expiration date. You will need to reach out to the ELB Support Team to help transfer that user to your account. 

How do I get access to Lectora Desktop? 

Lectora Desktop can only be used by those who have a current subscription and also have an active user login within The Studio either as an Org Administrator or Author role.

When logged into, you can go to the Apps tab and click on the Download Lectora button to download the .exe installation file to your local computer. We recommend that you right-click on this file and "Run as Administrator" to start the installation process. Once the installation is done, Lectora Desktop will ask for your login credentials. You will use your Portal login information, which will authenticate the license, and launch the software.

Please refer to this article page for more options about Lectora. 

I don't have a Portal Login, can I still use Lectora Desktop? 

No, Lectora Desktop will not run without an activated The Studio login and active subscription. 

Does Lectora Desktop use a license key? 

Lectora Desktop is different from previous versions and does not use license keys. The Studio Login, with an ongoing active subscription, is what manages and authenticates the software. 

I recently renewed my subscription, why is Lectora 19 saying it's expired? 

Lectora 19 is not associated to The Studio subscriptions but is instead managed by the old system that utilizes License Keys, which requires manual updating.
By default, The Studio subscriptions renew only the latest version of Lectora Desktop, in this case, version 21. If you still need to use Lectora 19, please let your ELB Sales Rep know to include the license keys as a part of the renewal process. Or, if the renewal has already been finalized, you can submit a ticket to our support team with your license key information for our team to review. 

How do I manage or add users to The Studio?

If you are an Org Administrator or Account Manager, you can go to the Users tab when logged into The Studio. You will see the list of users on this page showing their name, email, and role, if they are activated, and you can Edit/Delete those users.
You can refer to our Members Dashboard video for more information.

What happens when I delete Users from The Studio Account? 

Deleting users will completely remove them from all systems, including any projects/data that they had with the associated products. Deleting a user will entirely wipe out any Private Projects in Lectora Online (along with any existing Check-Outs the user has in a Shared Project) Comments and Reviewers in ReviewLink, Download History in Asset Library, My Scenarios in CenarioVR, and disable access to Lectora Desktop. 

We highly recommend that before deleting anyone, please make sure ALL projects, content, and data are backed up and saved externally, as deleted files and accounts are not recoverable. 

How do I transfer a licensed seat to a new user? 

An Org Administrator or Account Manager has the capability of managing users through the Users tab within The Studio. To replace a user, you will need to either delete a user from the account (make sure to backup content if needed, as mentioned above) and add in the new user by clicking on the "+New" button; or you can Edit an existing user and replace their name/email to the new user's info and Save. Doing the latter method, that new user will need to do a Password Reset prompt in order to update the password from the old user. 



This article was last reviewed June 2023. The software may have changed since the last review.