How Lectora License Keys and Activation Work

Types of Lectora License Keys

Our Desktop installed software includes suite and legacy applications.
Suite applications are Lectora 21 and Lectora 19 licenses beginning with LS01.   Lectora Desktop 21 uses username and password credentials and does not use a license key. The authentication and registration process must use the same email and password as
used in that user’s Account Portal. NOTE: each Lectora Desktop account must be tied to
a unique email address.  Internet access is required to register and continue using Lectora Desktop. For specific URLs and application permissions, please see our Knowledge Base article. Click to learn more about our Account Portal and Lectora 21 access.

Legacy applications are Lectora Inspire 19 with licenses beginning with LI19, Lectora Publisher 18, Lectora Inspire 18, and older.  

Lectora Legacy License Keys

License keys for Lectora Inspire and Lectora Publisher versions 12 - 19 always begin “LI“ or "LP".  Older versions of Lectora do not have indicators for Inspire or Publisher. The license keys for older versions of Lectora are 12-14 characters long.

Activation for legacy software

Each Lectora license key starts with a single, open product activation available. When you install Lectora it will activate you as a user on that license key in our database.


When you uninstall Lectora it will contact our database and remove your product activation. Then your license key is open to be activated again. If you need to move Lectora to a new computer or employee, just uninstall to release the activation and then install on the new computer. Your computer will need to have internet access to complete the deactivation. Please contact Support if your computer does not have internet access or is blocked from contacting our server when you uninstall.

“Run as Administrator” and Windows Account Permissions

Microsoft Windows user account permissions can be configured many, many ways. If you have trouble installing Lectora or see an error that Limited Users are not permitted to activate the software, it may be that your user account doesn’t have access to finish the installation correctly. Even if you have administrator privileges they may not exactly match up with what’s needed. Lectora, Snagit, and Camtasia need access to parts of the Windows Registry to properly complete the install.

The quickest way to resolve this is to right-click the Lectora installer and choose “Run as Administrator” from the menu. It may ask you to confirm the action or provide the administrator password. If Lectora is already installed, you can right-click the Lectora shortcut on your desktop and choose “Run as Administrator” if you are able to install Lectora but are blocked from activating it.

Error Message: The Maximum Number of Authorized Registrations for this serial number has been exceeded

If you see this error message when trying to activate Lectora it means the software has been installed on another computer and all of the allowed activations are already in use. You will need to uninstall Lectora from the other computer before you can activate it on your computer.

Offline Activation

If your computer does not have access to the internet or Lectora is blocked from contacting our server to activate a remote activation may be performed instead.  For legacy Lectora versions 19 and older, click the “Activate by phone” link at the bottom of the activation window to generate a “Request Key”.   Use this and your contact information on our Activation form.  You will then be provided an “Authorization Key” that you can enter into the form.  Note that Lectora will generate a new “Request Key” each time it is launched.  For Lectora 21 or later, please submit a request to our support team.

This article last reviewed March, 2022. The software may have changed since the last review. Please visit our Release Notes to learn more about version updates.