Required Permissions for Lectora Software

If you are receiving error messages when accessing eLearning Brothers, BranchTrack, Text to Speech, when registering Lectora or when using Run, Preview, or Preview in Browser modes, it may indicate that the site is blocked by a firewall or that the system is not connected to the Internet. If you can determine that your Internet connection is active on the machine in use, work with your IT department to set permissions, also known as whitelisting, for the URLs being accessed by Lectora.

Whitelisting / Permissions

  1. Use a site’s domain name instead of a particular site IP address as IP addresses can change frequently and without notice. Configure host names to recognize any subdomain of:
  2. If you are unable to whitelist the sub-domains shown in the list above, allow these specific hostnames:
  3. Enable HTTPS (port 443) for the domains above.
  4. To use Text to Speech, allow this hostname: 

    Note: In previous years, websites commonly used only http:// and not the more secure https://.  eLearning Brothers has retired the http:// locations.  If you have previously whitelisted http:// for eLearning Brothers, please update the listing to use https://.  If you are currently running a version of Lectora prior to v16.1 and want to continue using eLearning Brothers, you will need to run Lectora v16.1 or later to access the site.  Contact for information on upgrading.

    For installation, Lectora executes the file Register.exe via port 80.  Please ensure that this file and port are allowed.

    For Run and Preview modes, Lectora uses an internal application called trivserver.exe to act as an embedded mini server.  This file should be allowed to run.  This file will utilize port 3750.

    Additionally, Lectora 19 and older uses an internal application called CefSubProcess.exe as our embedded browser.  This file should be allowed to run. For Lectora 21, the file is LectoraCFSP.exe

    For publishing titles, Lectora uses an internal application called encrypt.exe.  This file will obfuscate course information, such as answers to questions.

    Please also ensure you have access to read / write in these 2 folders 
         C:\Program Files (x86)\eLearningBrothers

    Lectora versions 18 and older:
         C:\Program Files (x86)\Trivantis

    And permission to access the temp folder, which is used when titles have not yet been saved.  Your path will be similar to the following:
         C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Local\Temp\~Lectora_9820_1558110020_1\Title 80

    This article last reviewed May 2022 . The software may have changed since the last review. Please visit our Release Notes to learn more about version updates.