Adding a Certificate to Your Rockstar Learning Platform

Certificates. Lectora templates.

If you would like to add certificates to your Rockstar Learning Platform courses, you can do so using our Lectora certificate template. The template will populate the user's name and completion date in the certificate when a user clicks on it in the Rockstar Learning Platform.


TIP: Put your certificate at the end of the course and use prerequisites to lock down your course so users can only access the certificate if they have completed all other course materials.

Download the Lectora template to start. Lectora Online will require the .pkg file. Lectora Desktop will require the .awt file.

Edit the template as needed (delete images, move/add text, etc.) in Lectora, but make sure to keep the user and date codes as is so that the information can be auto-populated into the certificate when the user accesses it on the Rockstar Learning Platform.

Make sure to keep the exit button on the page. The exit button is a black oval with the letter "b" in it in the upper left hand corner. This is required for SCORM courses but does not need to display on the page. Do not delete this button.

Publish the template as a SCORM 1.2 zip package and upload it to your Rockstar Learning Platform.


TIP: You can auto-publish your Lectora files directly into your Rockstar Learning Platform by using our Lectora integration.