Rockstar Learning Platform Release Notes

Release note history for the Rockstar Learning Platform

Feb 8, 2023

Microlearning Module Editor Enhancements

Feb 2, 2023

Version post 2.4

Feature Enhancements 

  • Add new block placeholder: When adding a new block between two existing blocks, there is now a placeholder block instead of a floating toolbar.

Bug Fixes 

  • UI labels now match in size, weight, placement and punctuation.
  • Background does not flutter for most users

Microlearning Module Editor Enhancements

Jan 19, 2023

Version post 2.4

Feature Enhancements 

  • Replace Option: Easily replace an image, video, game, or arcade without having to delete and add a new block.
  • UX polish for placeholder blocks

Other Changes

  • Grip icon removed from editing toolbar

Notification Email Improvements

Released Jan 17, 2023

Version 2.4

New Features

  • Authentication of Email Links: Administrators can enable or disable the authentication token in reminder emails
  • Module Due Date Enhancement: The Rockstar Learning Platform will now generate “Due Soon” and “Past Due” email and in-app notifications for modules
  • Quiz Progress Updates: Quiz progress tracks by fraction instead of percentage
  • Auto Populate Module List: Module list is auto populated in enrollments tab
  • Ability to Unenroll from a Module: “Allow user to unenroll” setting on a course level applies to modules in that course

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved response time of notification API and module list
  • Fixed an issue for pending users with a password
  • Discrepancy in course enrollment completion report
  • Improved user experience of search in reports
  • Fixed user cap error that triggered when updating user email addresses via the user import spreadsheet

Exported Reports and Platform Streamlining Enhancements

Sept 26, 2022

Version 2.3

New Features

  • Module Enrollment Completion Report: Administrators can now track learners’ progress through their enrolled modules. 

Feature Enhancements 

  • Unlock Name and Email Fields: Administrators can now edit the first name, last name, and email address for any user that they have access to. 
  • Convert Summary Reports to CSV Format: The following reports now export as CSV format: Completion by Course, Completion by Course Enrollment, Completion by Course Tags, Course Enrollment Report, Ratings Report, and User Logins.
  • Enrollment Enhancements: Administrators can now select all users in the enrollment tab and enroll them all in a course at the same time. They can also filter users by learner group and select users across multiple pages in the enrollment tab. 

Bug Fixes

  • Improved content publishing process time.
  • Fixed a discrepancy of course completion percentage in a course enrollment completion report.
  • Allowed administrators to change the scoring status of a quiz.
  • Fixed report availability at certain times.
  • Clear previous answers when you retake the quiz.

Feature Enhancement from Client’s Wish List 

June 6, 2022

Version 2.2

Feature Enhancements

  • View Modules’ Course Listings: Administrators can now view all of the courses a module belongs to, as well as the courses’ path/hierarchy, directly from the module’s details page. 
  • Batch Delete Modules: The Module Batch Editor now allows admins to delete multiple modules at once, either from the content library or within specific courses. 
  • Reusable Seats per Office: Admins have a new Office Cap setting. Expired learners can either be counted as part of an Office’s maximum number of learners or their “seats” can be filled by new users. 


  • Public API: The Rockstar Learning Platform now includes a public API to facilitate integration with other systems.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where administrators who used SSO were redirected to a page that stated they did not have access to the admin page when they logged out instead of the logout screen. 
  • Video attachments will now play when selected rather than download when the user is accessing the module from their phone.
  • Fixed an error that occasionally caused newly uploaded modules to be stuck in a “Processing” state.


Administrative Feature Enhancements  

March 28, 2022

Version 2.1

New Features

  • Export a List of Offices: Admins can export a list of offices that belong to each enterprise, including office name, abbreviation, expiration period, office cap, and the number of active users.

Feature Enhancements

  • Single Sign-On IdP Enhancements: Administrators can now choose to route Rockstar Learning Platform-generated emails through the identity provider’s (IdP) login page. They can also choose to prevent users from logging in directly to the Rockstar Learning Platform, and only allow logon through the IdPs login page. 
  • Training ArcadeTM Demo: Users who do not yet have a Training ArcadeTM account, are now able to add demo games and ArcadesTM to try out the experience.
  • CenarioVR Thumbnails: CenarioVR SCORM files uploaded to the Rockstar Learning Platform are now easily identified by a CenarioVR thumbnail image that is automatically added to the module.

Bug Fixes

  • Events with dates that span multiple months will now appear correctly in the Event Calendar. 
  • Display problems with the course/module description on the “Enrolled” tab of the user dashboard have been fixed.
  • Hyphens are now allowed in subdomains. 
  • Due date notifications no longer trigger for learners who have already completed the course.
  • The information in the “Additional” field is now correctly displayed in the Event Course report. 


Simplify Enrollment, Cancel RSVP, and Publish from Lectora Online

January 10, 2022

Version 2.0

New Features

  • Enrollment Due Dates. Administrators can now set due dates for module and course enrollment. Due dates can be a specific day or a relative day based on when the user was enrolled in the course/module. Administrators can also set automated “due soon” and “past due” reminders for learners.
  • Auto-Recurring Enrollments. For modules and courses that need to be taken periodically, administrators can now set up automatic recurring enrollments. Administrators can view enrollment completion based on each enrollment period. 
  • “All” Learner Group. Users, modules, and channels will now be automatically assigned to the “All” learner group. Administrators can toggle this new feature off, and users, modules, and Channels can be removed from the “All” learner group. This feature will be toggled off by default for existing accounts and must be toggled on if this new feature is desired. 

Feature Enhancements

  • Preview Modules. Modules (video, audio, SCORM, PDF, link, and YouTube) can be previewed in the My Library and Subscription tabs with the new “Preview” button. 
  • “Expired” Module Status: Modules that have expired will now display they are “expired” rather than “not published”. 
  • Cancel RSVP: Admins can now cancel users’ RSVPs for event modules and users can cancel their own RSVPs. 
  • SCORM Launch in New Window: The usability of SCORM files that are launched in a new window has been improved. 

Bug Fixes

  • The SCORM 2004 Data Model has been updated
  • The “Open in a New Window” feature has been improved for Bizlibrary, Articulate Rise, and other SCORM modules
  • Loading time has been improved and continuous loading errors have been resolved
  • An issue with duplicate microlearning modules on creation has been fixed
  • Improved search capabilities
  • All enterprise strings now display in the settings dropdown
  • The “Library has expired” error message has been removed
  • Users are no longer logged out when selecting enrolled modules
  • The “Enroll others” button now reliably selects the correct module
  • The import users list can now include both new and existing users; existing users will not have a new account created
  • Blank spaces can no longer be added to the end of users’ emails on the “Enrollment” tab
  • Enrollment emails now automatically log users in when they select the “start” button
  • Report exporting capabilities and display has been improved
  • Button display and other display issues with module pages and thumbnails have been resolved
  • Prerequisite navigation has been repaired
  • The display and functionality of the microlearning module builder’s camera feature, CenarioVR modules, and other features have been improved 
  • Module pages now consistently display the “Add to saved”, “Rating”, and “Add to board” buttons
  • SCORM module scoring no longer displays “NAN”
  • “Session” has been replaced with “Module” on the “Enroll” popup window and on the “Status completion” popup
  • The “Exit” button on modules that have opened in a new tab now works reliably


RLP 1.5.11 Maintenance 

November 21, 2021 

Bug Fixes

  • RSVP button is now disabled for Prerequisites
  • Microlearning Modules are no longer duplicating when first created 
  • Users can no longer edit virtual copies of microlearning modules and games 
  • Making a virtual copy of a module only creates one copy entry 
  • Enrollment completion data for historic records have been updated
  • Problems with launching VADO SCORM modules have been resolved
  • Broken Images in CVR modules have been repaired


Enrollment Feature Enhancements and Usability Improvements

September 09, 2021

Feature Enhancements

    • Unenroll learners. Administrators can now unenroll learners who self-enrolled in courses or modules or learners that were enrolled by administrators. 
    • Hide the Unenroll button for specific courses. The Unenroll button that is displayed on course tiles on the learner dashboard, course pages, and module pages can now be hidden by setting Allow Users to Unenroll to No when editing a course from the administrative Content page.
    • Batch enroll up to 999 learners at once. Administrators are now able to batch enroll up to 999 users at the same time (previous limit was 100).
  • Launch SCORM in its own window. Administrators are now able to specify with an on/off toggle if a SCORM module will launch in its own window (as opposed to opening on the course page).

Usability Improvements

  • Session has been renamed to Module. This change addresses a common point of confusion for new users of the platform and is in line with standard terminology used when referring to units of instructional content.
  • Media Group has been renamed to Learner Group. This change more accurately reflects how these tags are used for assigning content to specific groups of learners.


Build out Microlearning Modules & Add Games—No Separate Authoring Tool Needed!

July 21, 2021

New Features

  • Create microlearning modules using the new built-in rapid authoring tool. Add microlearning modules (with text, images, videos, and more) to your reusable content library—no separate authoring tool required!
  • Insert games and arcades from The Training ArcadeTM. Connect your account from The Training ArcadeTM to easily add games and arcades into your reusable content library in the Rockstar Learning Platform. Then add them to courses, microlearning modules, and channels. 

Feature Enhancements

  • View all enrolled users. Administrators are now able to view all learners enrolled in a course, including those who self-enrolled or were enrolled by another administrator.

Bug Fixes

  • Results display issue with the Interactive > Users report

Create and Subscribe to Content Libraries - All with a Faster Load Time

April 30, 2021 

New Features:

  • Content providers on the Rockstar Learning Platform can now be enabled as Publishers. Publishers can create libraries of content to share with other Rockstar Learning Platform customers. 
  • Subscribers will be able to access published content from the Subscriptions tab on their admin Content page and can blend subscription content into their courses and channels.

Feature Enhancements:

  • Improved usability of the following reports:
  • User: User Details
  • Interactive: Module
  • Interactive: User
  • Events: Module
  • Events: User
  • Activity: Module
  • Activity: User

Data for these reports is available at a glance now; there is no need to search in order to see results.

Usability Improvements:

  • Course page load time has been significantly reduced


Seeing Your Content Contributions Just got Easier 

April 22, 2021 

Feature Enhancements:

  • User-contributed content is listed under the Contributions tab instead of My Library


Create Learning Paths Based on Learners’ Interests - Plus SAML and an Improved Video Interface

March 23, 2021 

New Features:

  • Interest assessments with automatic enrollment to personalize learning paths based on a person’s interests
  • SAML Integration can now be set up in general settings of admin
  • Admins can now add YouTube videos that are displayed inline on the module page

Feature Enhancements:

  • Links and YouTube videos now have an option to open in a new window
  • Video duration is displayed on the course page
  • A Media group filter was added to the enrollment tab of the admin section 


Contribute YouTube Videos to Channels

February 26, 2021 

New Features:

  • Users can now contribute YouTube videos to channels


Premium Feature: BizLibrary Ready-Made Courses

January 29, 2021 

Premium Features:

  • BizLibrary- a subscription to more than 2,500 video-based micro-courses


Manage Your Learning System: Assessment-Based Learning Paths, VILT Integration, Learner Activities, and Premium Video Coaching 

January 22, 2021

New Features: 

  • Learner pre-assessments with automatic enrollment to personalize learning paths based on skill gaps and interests
  • Events for integrating Virtual Instructor-led Training into courses and learning pathways
  • Learner Activities to promote higher levels of engagement and retention, with task lists for on-the-job training guidance and learner evidence uploads to document real-world learning and experience
  • Channels that enable you to turn on learning streams in your organization to provide a constant flow of knowledge, provided in almost real-time, to the people who need it in order to competently perform their jobs and enhance their skill set
  • “Contribute” button that enables channel members to create and share learning content with others in the channel with one click

Premium Features:

  • Rehearsal for video coaching- a tool with automatic speech recognition and natural language processing to automatically advance learners through a video coaching learning scenario