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Rehearsal: Welcome Page

Introduction page for Rehearsal and a list of it's knowledge base articles.

May 25, 2022



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Welcome to the Rehearsal Platform! Here you can find a list of the various knowledge base articles by category. Locate the category below that applies to you for a collection of articles that will help you get started with using the site.

Content Creation

How to Create a Scenario

How to Create a Program

How to Create an Intelligent Journey

How to Create an Assignment

How to use the Assignment Wizard [Documentation Coming Soon]


Platform Administration


Subscription and User Management

Subscription Manager Definitions

Add User Account

Disable User Account

Delete User Account

Adding Users By Import 

Profile Roles and Privileges



Reports tab

Assignment Reporting

AI Reporting [Documentation Coming Soon]


Content Management

How to Download a Video


How to Delete a Video [Documentation Coming Soon]


Assignment Distribution

Direct Linking

Assignment Notifications



Mentor Overview

How to Prompt for a New Response

How to Provide a Final Review

How to Leave a Comment

User Roles and Responsibilities

How to Provide Timeline Based Feedback

How to View Intelligent Journey Responses



How to Promote a Response to the Leaderboard

Viewing the Leaderboard


Mobile App

Mentoring on a iOS Mobile Device (Web Browser)

How to complete your mentoring tasks in the iOS App



Submitting Scenario Responses

Scenario Response

Scenario Response - Text Analysis

Scenario Response - Auto-Complete

Scenario Response - Self-Grade

Scenario Response - Audio Only

Scenario Response - PowerPoint

Scenario Response - Screen Recording

Scenario Response - HotSeat


Reviewing Mentor Feedback

Mentor Feedback - Prompted for New Response

Mentor Feedback - Final Review



Download and Install the Android or iOS Apps

Mobile Application User Guide



Updating Profile Details and Password



Channels Overview

Posting a Video to a Channel

Viewing Channel Posts and Giving Feedback

Editing and Deleting Channel Posts and Comments

Adding a Channel

Creating and Managing Private Channels

Moderating Posts in Channels

Linking Directly to a Channel or Post

Pinning Posts in Channels


Technical Requirements and Troubleshooting

Rehearsal Technical Requirements

Single Sign On Requirements Overview